Day #6 – Kendal to Thornhill

Tuesday 28th August 2018 Ready on time (although slightly hampered by glitchy gadgets), we set off from Kendal still smiling but with increasingly heavy legs. After a mile or so, our already screaming quads faced an 8.5 mile 1,400ft climb over Shap Summit and we quickly found ourselves in the clouds. A long descent down […]

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Day #5 – Chester to Kendal

Monday 27th August 2018 It was a slow start. None of us had slept particularly well due to a squeaky bunk bed and an over-dramatic man outside our window at 2am claiming to have been stabbed. A friendly chap in the hostel tried to make conversation while we ate breakfast only to find himself shushed […]

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Day #4 – Hereford to Chester

Sunday 26th August 2018 In summary, rain. Motivation was not high this morning as we knew what was coming. Overshoes and rain jackets on, Milly and I promptly set off in the wrong direction. When we realised, we apologised profusely to our gadgets, Gary and Jeremy, who we’d been cursing for being shit but who […]

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Day #3 – Taunton to Hereford

Saturday 25th August 2018 Routine established, we were up early again for a big brekkie and bike maintenance, the latter of which completed begrudgingly by Milly. Waved off by the in-laws, the adventure continued. We flew the first leg across the Somerset levels, a welcome break for our legs from the previous days’ hills. Our […]

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Day #2 – Upton Cross to Taunton

Friday 24th August 2018 After a ten hour sleep (all in bed by 8pm), Milly and I were rested and hungry. Mum also hungry, probably from all those stairs. Both of our gadgets had told us we’d burned 5,500kcal the previous day so today’s mission (except the 90 miles) was to eat more. Enormous potions […]

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